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December 7, 2015
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10 Interesting Facts About Birds

10 interesting facts

Birds are social creatures that make great pets and provide much entertainment and companionship.  Whether you are considering a pet bird or already have one of your own, there are interesting facts about birds that you may have never thought about.  Here are some awesome facts about birds that you may or may not know.


Fact #1.

Some birds can outlive their owner: Records show that some species of birds such as cockatoos have extremely long life spans of about 40 years. Many bird owners who posses suck kind of birds are are advised to choose a guardian for their bird to ensure continuous care in the event that they outlives them.


Fact #2.

Mushrooms are poisonous to most birds: Though birds are known to be comfortable in feeding on many fruits grains and vegetables, they rarely feed on mushrooms due their toxicity. Mushrooms contain poisons in their caps, stems or both, which cause liver failure and digestive in birds.


Fact #3.

Body language is key in communication: As is common with other pets such as dogs and cats, body language is highly utilized by birds to convey emotions to their companions. Body language in birds may involve shifting of feathers and assuming of specific stance. Loose or ruffled feathers may for example indicate happiness while flared wings or shoulders may imply that a bird is either preparing for a fight or is interested in courting. Wagging of tails is also a common sign of happiness.


Fact #4.

Small birds eat a lot: Birds will always be seen eating whether they are outdoors or indoors. Due to the high surface area to volume ratio in small birds; which results in high loss of heat energy to the surrounding, small birds eat a lot so as to replenish the lost energy.


Fact #5.

Sensory stimulation gives happiness to birds: Due to the social nature of birds, constant stimulation is critical comforting them. Sensory stimulation of the birds through stimulating the birds through colorful toys, jingly bells and climbing structures, helps keep boredom at bay


Fact #6.

Most birds are monogamous in their relationship: research shows that over 90% of bird species practice monogamy whereby a male and a female are faithful to each other. The relationship may last for life or just a given season.


Fact #7.

The ostrich lays the largest egg in the world: Of all the eggs laid by birds in the entire world, ostrich egg is the largest. The egg measure about seven inches long with a weight of about three pounds. When compared to the size of the bird however, ostrich egg is the smallest.


Fact #8.

About two percent of birds are polygamous: In some birds, a male has multiple mates which is a typical characteristic of a polygamous relationship.


Fact #9.

Some birds have courtship rituals: In courtship rituals lekking is a common practice. In lekking the males gather in a group termed a lek whereby each bird defends the area on which it stands and the females choose their partners and fly away with them to start their families.


Fact #10.

Ostriches are the fastest birds in the world: Of all the birds in the word, ostrich is the fastest runner. The two-legged bird and can achive a speed of 70 km/hr. The high speed of running is aided by virtual of having just two toes on each foot unlike other birds

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