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December 5, 2015
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Caring For Large Birds

large birds

large birdsCaring For Large Birds

Birds are one of the most moving beauties of nature. Their quarrel makes us alive and the colors on them refreshes our views. Birds are everywhere on the planet and they don’t know the limits, they always seek new places to live without changing their partners or family. Birds teach us how to live free and how to spread love beyond the borders.

Humans are social being and we love to live in bonds with each living thing on this earth. Birds are so lovable among the nature-parts; we feel them as a part of life that belongs to our heart and feelings. Birds love to live with someone as we people do, so why not put some birds in our house to share some of that beautiful affection. Let’s have a quick discussion upon birds, how to keep them in the house and under a pleasant cage. There are hundreds of different bird species but for this topic we will discuss a few on caring for large birds and about caring for them with keeping their comforts in mind.


Structure Of The Cage

Birds love to fly lengthwise rather than up and down so for large birds, it should definitely be bigger in length. There are tall cage which could be fine for canaries, but not exactly for large birds like parakeets, cockatrices, hookbill, etc.


Design of cage

There should be a perch like a branch of a tree such as citrus, oak, eucalyptus or Manzanita. Just cover the bottom surface with wax or newspaper instead of sandpaper that could irritate them. This kind of temporary surface cover can be replaced at a daily basis to keep a clean and hygienic cage for large birds.



  • – – – Seed and water cups in sufficient numbers while occasionally cleaning them to keep them clean and germ free.
  • – – – To entertain large birds you can put a few toys in the cage as it can helpful to divert them from feather picking.
  • – – – Use weighted and safe toys for large birds.
  • – – – You can use cage cover to create a darker side into the cage at the time of rest and it is useful to keep warmer atmosphere inside as well.
  • – – – Large birds also enjoy and love to bath, so it would be more enjoyable stuff if you put a dish or bathing bowls. If your bird doesn’t like to bath than spray them twice in a week to keep their feather moist (moisture is one of the requirements for feather care). Avoid putting any clutter in the cage.



Birds like to be social with people and they always follow words, whistle, or singing when you interact with them. Temperatures and light should be in good balance so it’ll make your bird more comfortable and relaxed in their cage. Be sure to keep temperature at around 10 to 15 degree and humidity at 30 to 50%.


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