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Decorative Bird Cages For Your Home

decorative bird cages

decorative bird cages

Decorative Bird Cages For Your Home


Decorative bird cages have become an ongoing trend for interior designers. You cannot flip through a home style magazine without noticing these decorative pieces placed somewhere as an accent in an “after” shot of a room makeover. Even Martha Stewart used it lately for a “bird” wedding theme. People place their cash gifts and cards through the bird cage slots. This way if someone has money included in the card, and it is dropped through the bar spacing, then you cannot remove it. It also comes across to wedding guests as a modern decorative twist. It adds class, personality, and style without being overstated.

Decorative bird cages come in a wide array of colors and materials making it perfect for different occasions. Some are painted off-white and sand papered down to make the item look antique with worn parts. Others are styled after a Moroccan structure. It could easily be mistaken for a prop from a Bollywood film stage. These products are able to transform any room.

If you are going to use this for more than decoration and keep a live bird in it, then there are few things to keep in mind. For one, if you paint it, remember to utilize non-toxic paint. Otherwise, it could harm your pet. Furthermore, be certain the cage is durable enough to hold the animal. You need it to be secure, sturdy, and large enough to permit the bird spread its wings and fly freely around the cage without trouble.

Another option in placing a live animal is to use a fake bird. Think kooky Tim Burton film style. It sort of gives off a modern goth look. There would be no bird muddle to clean up. No money spent on bird feed. No bird perches, toys or exercise bars to acquire. Instead, you have a fake bird, which you may find at the dollar store. It still adds a piece of flare to the room.


How do you decide the right style decorative bird cages?

Consider what approach of home fashion appeals to you. Do you prefer a clean line, South Beach contemporary hotel look with all-white furniture? If the answer is yes, then look for a birdcage with a square or rectangular shape to stay with the fresh look of the place.

If South Beach is not your style, but the comfortable French cottage look is more you, then choose a light, delicate green piece to sit on top of a table or a hutch. Make sure the actual shape of it matches the rest of the room and is proportionate to the furniture, room, and table it sits upon.

These decorative bird cages accessories appears in numerous style, looks, and puts a twist on your home design. Choose the one that is right to relay the quality and interior design decor you desire.

This accessory accentuates and completes a look bringing it to a polished level. Use it accordingly and find ones suitable to your budget, room size and look you desire. You cannot go wrong with one of these items.

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