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Parakeet Cages: Choosing the Right One

parakeet cages

Parakeet Cages: Choosing the Right One

parakeet cages

Choosing the best parakeet cages for your bird is crucial especially if you’re a first-time parakeet owner. Your bird needs a safe, secure environment. He’ll be spending most of his time in the cage, so you want it to be a pleasant place for him.

If you want a happy bird, make sure you get the largest parakeet cages you can afford and have adequate space. Make sure your bird has room to move around and fully expand his wings. You don’t want him poking his delicate feathers through the bars when he stretches his wings.

Before you look through parakeet cages and bring the cage home, you should be familiar with these qualities the cages should have. The cage will be the place where your bird spends a lot of its time so it’s essential that you purchase the perfect cage. This write-up will offer you a some suggestions on buying the cage for your beloved bird.


A key thing when choosing a cage for parakeet it’s its shape. You can find many forms available on the market you can choose from.
What about the shape of your parakeet cage? Round parakeet cages are beautiful, but your parakeet will be extremely happier in a rectangular cage. Parakeets feel protected when they have a cage with corners they can perch in. It is better to choose a square shape. Never choose your beloved bird a rounded birdcage because your bird will not feel secure. The bird requires a wall to retreat to if perhaps parakeet is spooked.


You’ll also need to decide what kind of material you want the bird cage to be manufactured from. The best choices are iron and stainless steel. Individual bird cages may be made from zinc, lead, or brass. You should never buy your parakeet cages made out of one of these kinds of materials. Birds adore to chew, and the poisonous metals can harm them.


One of the most important issue in case buying bird cages is the size. You should never choose your beloved bird a cage that is too little for it. At the least, there must be room to let it stretch out his wings absolutely without striking the side of the cage. You should try to buy the biggest bird cage you can pay for.


Bar Spacing
It is important you pay consideration to the bars of the parakeet cages you are interested in purchasing. The cage bars spacing must be no more than 1/2-inch. You never need your beloved bird to stick its head through the bars spacing and get stuck.

We hope this you get familiar with these health hazards for your bird.  Our recommendation is the Vision Bird Cage.

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